Hats – a social media metric

Just back from SXSW and had a great time.  Met up with lots of friends and put real faces to the faces I already knew on Twitter and such.  During at least one of the discussions there the topic of social media metrics came up.  It’s a hot topic, especially with the folks with a traditional media background.  Many are used to standardized measures like click-throughs, eyeballs, GRPs and it’s occasionally said that social media doesn’t have metrics because it doesn’t have any standardized ones.  For me that’s completely the wrong conclusion to draw.  Social media has lots of different ways to measure success – and frankly that’s big advantage in my books.  It really depends on what you are doing in order to determine the measurement technique.And it’s true.  Take a look at the hat’s being worn by a number of the folks who attended the event.  Richard Binhammer and David Armano were the original hat guys but the number has grown – and the stories behind why each one is wearing a hat as well.  That’s a pretty cool metric for success IMHO.