Hats – a social media metric

Just back from SXSW and had a great time.  Met up with lots of friends and put real faces to the faces I already knew on Twitter and such.  During at least one of the discussions there the topic of social media metrics came up.  It’s a hot topic, especially with the folks with a […]

A phone? An office? A meeting? Huh?

Ok is it just me or is “working” totally different than it was just 2 years ago.What’s a phone? The fact that my iPhone has a “phone application” amongst all of the other 50 apps probably says it all. But seriously folks, who actually uses a phone anymore. I just mentioned yesterday on UserFriendThinking, a […]

Will Motrin officially join Twitter and bring their own beat back?

The real silver lining in the Motrin clouds comes from the opportunity now for the Motrin brand to join the conversation, starting with listening. There are other successful turnarounds that exist out there for them to follow. The amazing thing here is that Motrin IS the big topic du jour and everyone is shining the […]

home about me Digital PR? No Twitter account is like no fax number in the 80’s

Today I scanned through the recent PRWeek mag looking for articles on social media, digital PR etc…stuff that interests me specifically. There was one article where PRWeek pulled together a roundtable discussion with 11 experts in tech PR in San Francisco. I thought, cool, these are exactly the folks I’m interested in following because they […]